Award Winning Short Films/ Animation Films/Documentary 
1 13 Himanshu Gautam Retirement 4 min. & 45 sec. short listed in Cannes film festival 2008, This Film tells the story of a man, who is getting retirement from a Government bank. He is very introvert, not communicative among his callies. This man is preparing a script for his retirement function. He wears Coat for the Retirement Occasion and goes to office to work on last day. THIS man is waiting fo the invitation from his friends for his Retirement Function. Everybody is busy in doing their daily activities. Nobody remembers his Retirement date. HE waits for function till office close. Office boy tells him to go. He goes to his home and feels very depress. He reads his script and does intra personal Communication.
2 24 Jugal Kishor Tayal Best Friends Promise 10 min. won best screenplay in professional category at Turilights. Best Friend' s Promise' is the story of two best friends  meeting each other after a really long time. Suddenly, there occurs an incident in that one moment of reunion and revival of memories that changes everything between them. One of them gets confysed at a point where he has to choose between his friend and his fear. The two choices that he has are either his friendship, or the fear of loosing his life. But the bond of Friendship is stronger than everything else in the world, and a promise made to a friend is above all commitments and that's what  'Best Friend's Promise' is all about.
3 35 Arpita Chakraborty Swapner Feriwala 7 min. & 38 sec. Nominated in 14th film festival kolkata 2008, At the Onset Of dawn, the golden sun rays have Spread its wings and entered inside to enact a dream sequence. Breaking a part of the darkness, the silvery morning has ascended on earth as if a dream merchant has set out hawking the dream. It reaches out to the core of the hearts a millions of people on earth with colourful dreams in their eyes and tries to their source of happiness. it seems his whole time business is the marketing of dreams. Also he wants to identify himself with the sorrows and miseries of hundred and thousand of grasses, shrubs and creepers the trees and the animas. So he is a dream merchant among all the Creatures of nature including human beings.             By this time ,You might be wondering what kind of peddler he is   Does hr really sell dream and why    Does hi not cherish any dream of his own   Is he a human being or strange creations of nature    After witnessing this picture, you will also realize that everybody has come across such adream merchant is some point of his life. Have you ever gazed on sky above   Have stared at its colour  The vast, radiant and shinning blue sky   Even if the cloud casts its shadow on sky, all pervading blue remain evident its grace.   
4 42 Ajay Singh Arjun 4 min. & 20 sec. won International awards & 2 national awards.
5 43 Pratima Jaidev Our Saviours 4 min. & 12 sec. won the Best Director award at 2nd Hyderabad International film festival 2008 This movie is about a comparison between a rag picker who works amidst rags and dustbins and other children of his age who go to school.It highlights the shaameful igonrance of people n our times.
6 44 Pratima Jaidev Voice of Tomorrow 4 min. & 20 sec. won the Best Director award at 2nd Hyderabad International film festival 2008 This is a short fiction movie providing an insight into the mindset of today's teenagers being unaware,unsure,unyielding, unheard and misunderstood.
7 48 S. Balu Mother 5 min. won special mention at SCARF film festival 2008 This is about Ballu, a guest at his coworkers house jumping to conclusions about his coworker's mother due to her behavour.The film depicts whether he is right or wrong.
8 61 Sachin Shirke Celebrations 4 min. & 18 sec. won the best short film at Mata Sanmaan 2009 (awards givan by Maharashtra Times & Times group), Selected for Gateway 2008,  Celebrations is a 1 dialogue film about  2 individuals having distinct talents sharing the same time and space out of circumstances.This film triumphs the idea of celebrating life.   
9 91 Rajesh Sethi Lamp Post Peh
Latka Hua Chaand
4 min. & 45 sec. Award for best children category film in Genesis Film Festival, The reading habits of children can take them to new heights, new scales and above all in the new world which seemed as far as the moon in the first glance.
10 97 Manoj Damodaran Today 2 min. & 30 sec. 2nd Prize at the fourth ALA Amateur Little Cinema short film festival, This film aims to focus on the effects of the global economy on a common man in India.Although he can barely sustain his basic necessities and the economy and development is so rampant that he has to make sure that  he is updated with the latest information and technology.
11 104 Shaikh Sarfaros Pehchan 8 min. won first place in most collages, This depicts the plight of  common man who is targetted due to his name and community when an incident like blasts or riots occur.
12 205 Ritesh Tripathi No Excuse 1 min. & 42 sec. third prize at 1takemedia film competition 2008 This movie is about keeping away from excuses in life and keeping one's moral high and the fact that winners never make excuses.
13 214 Neil Jagle Clear Water 1 min. & 40 sec. Arena Aakruti International festival 2008 winner in Editing. No synopsis available in the form.
14 235 Kushal Srivastava Kaafir 3 min. won best short film ( bronze ) award in 16isto9 International film festival. This is a story about two friends, one a terrorist and the other an educated muslim.The educated friend tries to stop the terrorist from executing a suicide bomb mission.
15 261 Ankur Kapoor Edge 3 min. & 43 sec. Best video Pec Fest 2008, Nomination best director Reelive awards 2009. Frank willis wanted to meet death he did.
16 262 Ankur Kapoor hilds Play 2 min. & 26 sec. Best Animated film- Filmsaaz National Festival 2009, Best Animated film 1st runner up - 1st Annul Frameflixx Awards 2009, Best Animated film - Reelive awards Loyola collage 2009, Nominated animated film on social welfare - FICCI frames Baf Awards 2009, Nominated 3rd International short film festival of india 2009, Nominated Culture, Development & education - Chinh India Community film festival 2009, Nominated PSA category - cut in students festival Tata institute of social sciences 2009, Nominated filmbooth short film festival 2008. The movie is a symbloic representation of how industrialisation today is destroying our environment. 
17 263 Ankur Kapoor Tomorrow 5:33 PM 3 min. & 30 sec. Finalist Zee studio get shorty 2008, Nominated filmbooth short film festival 2008, Nominated Sixteen:Nine International film festival 2009, Nominated best CG/animated/best fiction film Reelive awards loyola collage 2009. The film is based on the possibility if real aliens find out how we represent them in our movies.
18 264 Ankur Kapoor Time Time Ki Baat Hai 2 min. & 26 sec. Entry level winner filmaka india 2008, Best short film for Art, Continuity, Music & Sound - 3rd International short film festival of india 2009, Nominated filmbooth short film festival 2008, Nominated Culture, development & education - Chinh india community film festival 2009, Nominated  best Animated film - Filmsaaz National Festival of short film 2009, Nominated best Animated - Reelive awards Loyola collage 2009. A television and a lamp fight with each other to impress a lamp. It's all about war of the appliances.
19 265 Ankur Kapoor Goonj 5 min. & 05 sec. 1st runner up film festival 2008. Goong is a unique resource utilisation initiative which stresser on the problem of clothing they chamnelinging the waste from one section of the society into a resource for the other.
20 266 Ankur Kapoor When On The Road… 35 sec. Best video PSA sixteen:nine international fest 2009, Nominated best VFX frameflixx 2009. What not to do……When on good.
21 1 Robin Das Lovers' Paradise 16min BFJA Award For Best Director Would u put ur lover in eagel would the right to human not follow the right to other
22 8 Omer Farooque Sarab 12 min. Best award at 3rd Jharkhand cine kala academy. Sarab - The Miraj - This film dealt with a very poor family members who are earning their bread & butter through the job of illagel coal extertion from coal mines. They are living in a Colony surrounding coal mines. The guy 'Bhutka' is the only earning member of his family. He has lost his father is one of a incident coal extertion. He also lost one of his leg in the same. He is very much worried for his only sister who is living with him. In one of the incident she died in a coal mines during trying to extertion of coals. Bhutka shocked & being very depressive. The lonely Bhutka also died in the same kind of mishap after a shot span. The main concern of this movies is to deals with downtrodden peoples who are living in hell like condition in surrounding of the coalieries. Thay have no choice other than beliving in doing illegal things like coal extertion without llegal permission of the goverment for their daily earning & feeding their kids, family members. They would not like to teach their kids especially their daughters. In fact they go for killing the daughter baby before their birth. They are also not interested in education of their children. 
23 10 Tascha Eipe Guided Strom 15 min. Special jury award at Lvy film festival Rhode island 2007 & Official selection in many festivals. Can we ever find true love? The movie outlines the delusions and dissapintments encountered in the search for someone through a woman's perspective.
24 31 Salil Fernandez The Mole 25 min. Official entry @ IFFI goa 2008 The mole is about an actor who faces an identity crisis with his character as a private detective.
25 45 Sachin Shirke Prayaag 14 min. best foreign lang. film at RLC International film festival 2007 canada, Selected at 2nd Panorama of India filmeka 2007. Prayag revolves around the facet that women are just a mere instrument with little importance and also narrates as how a minister projects himself to be a protector of women when infact the women in his life have been reduced to a caricature.
26 64 Jennifer Alphonse Kachra 30 min. Special jury award 2nd International Hyd. Film festival 2008, Nominated IDPA film festival 2008, Nominated at N Y international film festival 2008. Kachra revolves around two rag pickers who are content in their small world.Their life changes when they find a small abandoned girl and decide to adopt and educate her.
27 67 Suman Bhattacharyya Taurus 15 min. Screened at 13th kolkata international film festival, International short film festival Bulgaria 2008, Film festival USA 2008, Metafest film festival San fransies 2009, Biff brooklyn USA 2009. The film depicts how like every other man the central character too is lost in the ae of Global Consumerism and is struggling to find meaning among many superstitions.
28 68 Suman Bhattacharyya The Broken Glass 12 min. Screened at 13th kolkata international film festival, International short film festival Bulgaria 2008, Film festival USA 2008, Metafest film festival San fransies 2009, Biff brooklyn USA 2009. The movie is about a unique bond between a man and woman with two very different personalities.
29 71 Siddhant Goswami Six line of Salvation 14 min. & 54 sec. 1 st prize at five categories Impression, Cutling Chai, frames, Space, Rhasody. The movie is an intriguing yet heartwarming tale of the love that a father and son share.
30 72 Siddhant Goswami Simon Says.. 15 min. & 05 sec. won five categories Impression, Cutling Chai, Kshitij, Frames & TV 18. It is a psychocogical thriller which explores the strange pysche of th human mind differentiating an illusion from a reality.
31 102 Rukshana Tabassum Adhorattar 16 min. & 05 sec. Selected in various festivals like Dam festival, International cultural exchange festival pune, International video film festival Kerela, Osian cine fan, osian cine fest. The movie narrates a story of who inverts her story book and the stories go topsy turvy leaving the girl with various riddles with illusion and reality going hand in hand.
32 158 Karan Sharma Karma 18 min. National collage cutting chai won 3rd prize, Karma talks about how  the monsters of lust and greed compel the protagonist to go to any length to satisfy them leading to a disastrous fate.  
33 172 Prantik Narayan Basu A Short Film About Life 22 min. Screened at National film archive of India, 13th kolkata international film festival, 4th kolkata short film festival.
34 1 Rambhul Singh Mid Shot 44 min. Screened in Mumbai International film festival 2006, Best film In the Shoot at site film festival 2006, Best Edited film Twiligth film festival 2007, Best film Mise en scene International film festival 2008, Screened in 7Islands international film festival 2008, Screened in Cine International film festival 2007, Special screening (NSVFF lucknow) Big Picture national media festival, Special screening at Rai University on the eve of republic day 2006, C.C.C. university UCOL school of design Newzeland.  Mid shot - an experiment with truth is about the travails of a director, Ram Bhardwaj who tries to unravel the assassination of his ideal, Mahatma Gandhi. He starts making a film called G2 which explores the Gandhi - Godes ideological divide. The film while still in the making to the directors dismay, becomes a subjects of controversy & the distored projection of it even leads to communal riots. Meanwhile pressure mounts on the director by vested interested to ideologically slant the film. How the movie on gandhi then becomes an experiment with truth in his own life & makes him search for answers in his inner self, is whan the movie is all about.